Recap of nursing home week!

Yesterday was a SWEET kick off to Nursing Home Week, we celebrated with Duck Donuts & coffee! A big thank you to our staff for their dedication to the care and well being of our residents and facility! Stay tuned for our week of celebrations!

Time for day 2 of Nursing Home Week! Today our staff was thanked with Cake Bites and personalized Ross speakers, and of course we couldn’t forget our residents!

Day 3 of Nursing Home week called for Tacos!
Today’s truck is a sweeter treat, can you guess who’s visiting our staff today!?

Welcomed day 4 of nursing home week and the Spring time weather with the Ice Cream Truck! We can’t wait to have Mr. Softee back next week for our residents to enjoy.
Finally, our celebrations concluded this morning with a Bagel Breakfast!
Happy Nursing Home Week and a huge thank you to our staff for all that they do! We love our Ross Family!